Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding Doors? 

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding Doors

Curtains or blinds are popular window coverings in our homes. They help with light and privacy. Sliding glass door blinds or curtains have a big advantage: they keep our indoor environment cozy and save us money on electricity. Have you thought about Which sliding door blind or curtain is best? The answer is yes. Curtains or shades can be installed on sliding doors’ sides to meet in the center. Let’s start our journey with Window Curtains Dubai.

Best Types of Curtains for Sliding Doors

Which fits best for sliding doors? Curtains or blinds? Different sliding door curtains can cover doors, but they require plenty of room on both sides. The most popular window blinds and curtains in this competition are listed below. 

Blackout Curtains

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding Doors

  • These are special curtains that block out light. Blackout curtains are designed to make a room very dark, even during the daytime.   
  • They ensure you sleep perfectly because they block all the light when closed. They can also help you make less noise from outside.
  •  You can make your curtains block out light by adding a liner. 

Sheer Curtains

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding DoorsSheer curtains are often used to make the inside of a room look simple, smooth, and attractive. Custom curtains can make your space look more modern and bright. You can put them in front of sliding doors to allow plenty of light without blocking it. They match the interior decor in any hue.

Curtains with Layers

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding DoorsWhich is preferable for sliding doors: curtains or blinds? Yes, the layered technique gives great results. Multiple layers of cloth can block sunlight and make it difficult to see inside. Mixing fabric and curtains creates something unique.

Curtains Made of Sheep Wool

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding DoorsCurtains of wool fabric are great for hanging in front of your patio doors. They help you stop the most light and keep you completely private. Curtains of wool or velvet are great for keeping your home warm and can help lower your electricity costs.

Best Blinds for Sliding Doors

Roller Blinds

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding DoorsBreak the roller blinds in half for the left and right sides of the sliding doors to install them. These blinds are great for daytime usage. You can pull them down to block out lots of light and keep your privacy from people outside.

 This blind reduces summer and winter bills. Open the blinds in summer to let the air in, and close them in winter to block the cold outside.

Venetian Blinds 

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding DoorsVenetian blinds are also recommended for sliding doors, although excessively heavy. When aligned and hung on the sliding doors, they will create an appealing and stunning look.

Vertical Blinds

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding Doors

Vertical blinds are a type of window covering that hangs vertically. They comprise individual slats that can be adjusted to control the room’s light and privacy.

  •  These are a great option for patio doors because they make your home look modern and are very subtle. You can put them on sliding doors like curtains.
  •  Curtains or shades for sliding doors? Vertical blinds let you adjust the vanes for light and privacy.
  • Open them to allow in plenty of light. Open and shut both sides.

Roman Blinds 

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding Doors

  • These are window coverings. They are cord-operated and made of cloth.
  • Like roller blinds, Roman blinds need extra room above the doors to install properly. They can open fully when there is a greater room above the door frame.
  • When you hang these blinds over sliding doors, they are made to make your home look nice and can also help keep your home warm. Use these blinds daily to keep your privacy and block outside light.

Honeycomb Blinds

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding DoorsHoneycomb blinds are great for keeping your space warm but need much room on sliding doors. They are just like Venetian blinds.

Some Tips for Choosing the Right Window Treatment for Sliding Doors

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding Doors

  • Blinds require room above the door frame to be piled up. They’ll hang over the entrance if there’s not enough room, making entering tougher. 
  • Consider how tough Roman blind pattern matching is. Making all the blinds look smooth when closed requires careful attention to detail and using more fabric to match the pattern’s correct part.
  • These are not a good choice because blinds are heavy to use in a large area and would look bad if the slats on each blind didn’t align. Also, it would help to have them positioned higher than the door frame for easy access.
  • Honeycomb blinds are good for insulating big glass areas like sliding doors. But, they have the same problems with symmetry and accessibility as Venetian blinds. 
  • Shutters can be used, but it’s like adding another sliding door in front of the one you already have. It seems too much and won’t be a good choice for saving money.    

 In the End

Deciding between curtains and blinds for sliding doors comes down to what you like and what you want them to do. Curtains make a room feel cozy and look nice. They also help control how much light comes in and keep things private. The blinds look modern and sleek. They can filter light in different ways. When choosing between options for your sliding doors, think about what looks good and what you need them to do.


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