Best Tips for Buying Curtains You’ll Love – Full Guide 2024

Tips for buying curtains

Decorating your home can be an exciting yet tough task. Choosing the right curtains that match your style and needs is essential. There are a lot of different fabrics, patterns, lengths, and hardware choices for curtains these days. Follow these best tips for buying curtains online you will love them.

Consider the Room and Your Style

Tips for buying curtainsBefore shopping, think about the room you want to put curtains in. Is it a bedroom, living room, kitchen or nursery? Decide on the overall style and color scheme you want to achieve. Your curtains should coordinate with the decor. 

Linen or cotton curtains in tranquil blue and green colors would work well for a coastal cottage bedroom. Choose pleated velvet curtains in wine, navy, or forest colors for a traditional dining room.

Determine the formality of the room, too. Formal spaces need drapes that puddle on the floor for an elegant look. Casual rooms can have breezy, unfussy curtains that brush the floor. Make sure to select a curtain style that fits the room’s ambiance.

Choose the Right Length and Fullness

Tips for buying curtainsNever pick too short curtains – they should at least brush the floor, even for casual rooms. Measure your window’s height and width carefully. For proper fullness, curtains should be about 2 to 3 times the window’s width. So, for a 30″ wide window, curtains should be 60-90″ wide.

For more formal spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows, choose extra full curtains. Petite windows in rooms like bathrooms can have less fullness without looking skimpy. Allow for higher fullness in children’s rooms for safety and light control. Also, account for height – longer windows need more length.

Select a Durable, Easy-Care Fabric

Tips for buying curtainsLook for fabrics that will hold up well and suit your lifestyle. Those with kids or pets should avoid delicate silks or velvets in high-traffic areas. Cotton, linen, and polyester blends are good for durability and easy washing.

Make sure blackout lining is pre-sewn into bedroom curtains if full light blocking is needed. And pick moisture-resistant fabrics for kitchens and bathrooms that can handle steam and splashes easily without growing mildew.

Find Curtains to Filter the Light

Tips for buying curtainsConsider both aesthetics and function when buying curtains. Sheer under-curtains allow soft natural light to filter in during the day. Pair them with solid over-curtains in a light color to further soften sunlight if needed.

 Blackout-lined curtains or tightly woven fabrics like wool or velvet can block exterior light at night. For privacy, choose heavier opaque fabrics or add blackout linings to prevent people from seeing inside. Kids’ rooms often need room darkening options for sleeping.

Coordinate with Existing Furniture and Decor

Tips for buying curtainsWhen selecting curtain fabric, note the colors and patterns found throughout the room. Look at furniture upholstery, area rugs, and bedding to pick a curtain style that compliments the items already in place.

Tie everything together with matching colors and complementary patterns. Remember the undertones of colors also – don’t pair a green with blue undertones with a green that leans yellow. It can make them clash.

Shop for Quality Rods and Hardware

Tips for buying curtainsInvest in durable metal curtain rods rated for the weight of your curtain panels. Pick extension rods if hanging over windows to allow the curtains to stack attractively off to the sides. Ensure brackets are secure and fit properly.

For pleated curtains, splurge on decorative finials to finish the window styling. Rings with clips or tabletops make hanging curtains easy. Rod pockets keep fabric neatly in place. With proper hardware, your curtains will function and look beautiful.

Seek Budget-Friendly Options

Tips for buying curtainsOutfitting all the windows in your home with new curtains and rods can get expensive. Save money by checking sales and buying off-season. Discount stores like Target and Walmart have affordable, ready-made options. Or purchase budget-friendly cloth by the yard at fabric stores to sew your own.

For custom looks on a budget, add trim, contrasting banding or decorative beading to inexpensive panels. Layering sheer behind opaque curtains instantly gives a high-end look for less. You can get a luxe window treatment on a small budget with creative touches.

Consider Custom Curtains for Large or Odd Windows

Tips for buying curtainsFinding ready-made curtains long enough for floor-to-ceiling windows or wide enough for extra wide windows can be difficult. Custom curtains work best for unusually shaped windows like octagons or porthole style.

Work with a sewist or interior designer to create curtains tailored to your window dimensions. Choose from various designer fabrics and customize lengths, lining, and heading styles. Though more expensive than off-the-rack, you’ll get an impeccable fit.

Let Lighting Set the Mood

Tips for buying curtainsUse layers of light for the most impact. Start with natural light streaming in through sheers. At night, illuminate the room with accent lighting placed in front and behind sheer under-curtains.

Picture lights mounted above window frames create cozy ambient light. Install dimmers for even more control over the light levels. Your gorgeous window treatment deserves ideal lighting to show it off.

Carefully Measure Each Window

Tips for buying curtainsTo execute your curtain plans flawlessly, careful measuring is a must. Use a steel tape measure for accuracy. Write down the width and height of each window separately. Note any architectural details like radiators or trim that affect hanging space.

Measure the width from inside the window frame opening. For height, measure from above the window frame to where you want curtains to end – sill, floor, or puddling length. Account for the carpet pile thickness if puddling on the floor. Taking detailed measurements ensures you buy curtains that fit.


With these insider tips for buying curtains you will love, get ready to give your rooms a new look. Use your window measurements, and consider the room decor for the perfect purchase of curtains. Also, don’t forget to consider lighting and your style for the desired appearance. With the right curtains that fit and suit the space, your rooms will feel lovely and beautiful.


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