How to Wash Net Curtains – Best Way To Wash Net Fabric Curtains

How to Wash Net Curtains

Most net curtains serve two roles. Curtains regulate room lighting. They soften and beautify light and lower down the dark effect. Another purpose of them is to enhance the appearance of your room and match the rest of your decorations. When your net curtains are dirty and need cleaning, they cannot do their job properly. Nets that are dirty and no longer look nice can make the room feel lighter and more attractive. Many people tolerate this because they don’t know how to clean them. Window Curtains Dubai created this easy guide to assist you in understanding the processes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wash Net Curtains

Brush or Vacuum Your Nets

How to Wash Net CurtainsThe first thing you should do is brush or vacuum your nets to get rid of extra dirt and dust. Doing this can significantly impact you, especially if it has been a while since it has been done.

It’s Important to Remove Dust Before Washing More

To make your curtains look white, getting rid of dust and dirt before cleaning them is a good idea. Net curtains can collect a bunch of dust and dirt over time. That’s why it’s really important to treat them before washing.

Please Remove Your Nets

Some people wash their curtains before the first step, but most do it after. If your nets are rail-mounted, lower them first.

Get Ready to Make a Cleaning Mixture

How to Wash Net CurtainsBefore utilizing your net curtains, hand wash them in a bucket or basin for optimal results. First, fill the bowl with warm water. Have enough water to cover your curtains. However, wait to put the curtains in the water.

To start, add a cleaning agent like vinegar. You can also add lemon juice to make it smell better. Remember, vinegar can harm linen net curtains, so it’s best to only use warm water for cleaning them.

Put the Curtains in Water

Soak your net curtains in the solution for an hour to clean and refresh them. This will remove any smells and dirt. It would be best if it happened overnight.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Tough Stains

Once you’re done, you can remove the water and see how clean your net curtains are. You can soak the item in warm water to remove leftover stains. Add a cup of baking soda to water. Baking soda dissolves stains and eliminates odors.

Use a Gentle Washing Cycle

To make a washing machine work well,

follow these steps

  • Start with a prewash.
  • Use settings and detergents specifically designed for delicate items.
  • You can wash cotton or polyester net curtains in the washing machine. To balance the spin cycle, you can add a white towel to increase the weight of the load.

Let Your Curtains Dry in the Air

To finish, make sure your nets are completely dry. But be careful not to use a tumble dryer, as it can make them smaller. Put them outside or hang them back on their rail if the window has air coming in. The best way to prevent creases in delicate net curtains is to let them dry naturally instead of ironing them.

What Mistakes Do We Make When Washing Net Curtains?

If you have net curtains, it’s important to wash them carefully. Using a regular or heavy-duty cycle can cause damage to the fabric.

  •  Putting too many net curtains in the washing machine can make them get twisted and ripped. Washing only a few at a time is important to ensure curtains can move freely.
  • Strong detergents and bleach can harm the delicate fabric of net curtains. It’s a good idea to use a mild detergent made for delicate fabrics or wash the curtains by hand with a gentle soap.
  •  Treating the net curtains before washing is important if they are dirty or stained. If you don’t do this step, stains can stay in the fabric forever.
  •  Drying net curtains in direct sunlight or using high heat is not recommended. It can make the fabric shrink, fade, or become brittle. Instead, you should let them dry inside or in a place with shade.
  •  Using high heat when ironing can harm delicate net curtains. Using a low heat setting on your iron or a steam iron is best to remove wrinkles.

How to Maintain Net Curtains

How to Wash Net CurtainsRemember to regularly clean your net curtains by vacuuming or dusting them. This will help eliminate any dirt or dust accumulated over time.

  • If you see any stains or spills, clean them immediately using a gentle detergent or a fabric cleaner made for that purpose.
  • Don’t use strong chemicals or bleach on net curtains because they harm the fabric.
  • Handwash curtains or use a soft cycle in the washing machine and dryer to keep them clean. Be careful to use mild detergent.
  • To prevent the curtains from shrinking or getting damaged by the sun, dry them inside or in a shady spot.
  • Iron or steam curtains should be used on low heat to remove wrinkles.
  • Make sure to put only a few things in the washing machine. Leave enough space for the curtains to move easily.

In the End

Net curtains need gentle cleaning to maintain their beauty and durability. Avoid common errors, including the improper washing machine cycle, overloading the machine, using harsh detergents or bleach, neglecting pre-treatment, drying in direct sunlight or high heat, and ironing with high heat will not retain the quality of your net curtains. Instead of this, use a soft cycle, mild detergents, or fabric cleaners, spot clean stains quickly, air dry inside or in the shade, and iron with low heat or a steamer. These methods will keep your net curtains looking great and boost your home’s visual appeal.

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