20 Best Curtain Colors For White Walls

Choosing curtain colors for white walls is essential. The right shades can make your home decor come together. Specific colors can make a space feel warm and inviting. Other shades create a modern, sleek look. Paired with white walls, curtain colors set the room’s tone.

There are key factors when picking curtain colors for white walls. Think about the overall style you want. Consider the natural light in the room. See how Window curtains look during the day and at night.

Warm metallic shades like gold and rose gold work for traditional spaces. Bold colors like navy blue and emerald green make a contemporary vibe. For sunny south-facing rooms, lighter neutrals keep the space bright.

20 Great Curtain Colors For White Walls:

1. Light Blue

A light or powder blue is timeless with white walls. The soft, icy hue is calming and tranquil. It works in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. Sheer light blue curtains keep the look light and airy. Solid blackout curtains in the same shade also look elegant.

2. Light Gray

For a subtle, sophisticated look, choose light gray on white walls. The neutral gray tone is a quiet backdrop. It won’t compete with other furniture or art. Light gray can give a modern, minimalist feel. Try solid light gray curtains or gray with white trim.

3. Navy Blue

Want a bold, dramatic look? Navy blue with white walls make a striking combo. The dark color beautifully contrasts the bright walls. Use navy blue in naturally bright rooms to avoid feeling too dark. Solid blackout navy curtains have maximum visual impact.

4. Emerald Green

Emerald green also looks gorgeous on a white backdrop. The jewel tone adds vibrancy and freshness. Try solid emerald curtains in living rooms and bedrooms for a lush, elegant feel. Sheer emerald green is beautiful in sunny rooms.

5. Black

For a seriously chic look, hang black curtains on white walls. The high-contrast combination feels modern and fashionable. Use black in rooms needing visual weight and warmth. Blackout curtains make the most significant statement. Sheers in black color can also look stylish.

6. Yellow

Bright yellow brings cheerful energy to a white room. The lively shade makes any space more welcoming. Pale yellow works for a soft, sunny look. Bold yellows create a graphic, contemporary vibe. Use yellow in kitchens, offices, bedrooms, and kids’ rooms.

7. Rose Gold

Metallic rose gold adds glam and shine to a white room. The warm pinkish tone looks elegant and romantic. Try shimmery rose gold curtains or pair them with white trim for visual interest. It’s especially lovely in low natural light.

8. Lavender Purple

Pretty purple hues bring a soft, feminine feel to white walls. Pastel shades of lavender and lilac look dreamy and romantic with crisp white. Use sheer curtains to keep it light and airy. Lavender works well in bedrooms, offices, and kids’ rooms.

9. Pink

Like lavender, blush pink curtains bring femininity against white walls. Pink adds warmth and energy to any space. Pastel pink makes a sweet, welcoming look. Bold hot pink makes more of an electrifying statement. Use pink in girls’ rooms, bedrooms, and eclectic living spaces.

10. Red

Red makes a dramatic statement on white walls. The fiery color brings vibrancy and visual excitement. Bright reds like crimson work for contemporary spaces. Softer reds like burgundy feel more formal and elegant. Use red sparingly in rooms needing a color punch.

11. Orange

Orange curtains create a cheerful, upbeat feel on white walls. Warm shades like burnt orange and peach give cozy visual warmth. Brighter oranges, like tangerine, pop on the white. For a summery look, use breezy sheer orange. Orange injects color and personality into kitchens, offices, dens, and kids’ rooms.

12. Gold

Shimmering gold adds a luxury look to your white walls. Metallic gold subtly glams up any space. Pair sheer gold with white for elegance. Use gold in formal living rooms and bedrooms. It also offsets white tiles and fixtures in bathrooms.

13. Brick Red

Consider warm brick red for white walls with a subtle punch. The rich, earthy tone feels inviting, charming, and full of character. Use brick red curtains in casual dens, eclectic living rooms, and Western rooms.

14. Taupe

For an earthy feel, try tan or taupe on white walls. The neutral tone is a mellow backdrop. Taupe works in bedrooms, living rooms, and reading nooks. Use sheer tan or solid taupe blackouts. Taupe has an organic vibe that complements plants.

15. Beige

Another warm neutral for white walls is beige. Like taupe, beige is calming and grounded. Different beige shades create different moods. Pink beige is feminine and charming. Greige is sophisticated. Khaki beige is casual chic. Hang sheer beige curtains to stay bright and airy. Use beige in laid-back dens, offices, and living rooms.

16. Lime Green

Lime green makes a bold, vibrant statement on white walls. The bright, zesty hue energizes and modernizes. Use lime green in kids’ rooms, offices, kitchens, and contemporary living spaces. Try solid lime green blackouts or sheer lime curtains.

17. Royal Blue

Royal blue on white is instantly glamorous. The deep blue sparkle with white looks luxurious and elegant. Use royal blue in formal dining rooms and master bedrooms. It creates a peaceful retreat in living rooms. Play with textures like velvet or satin.

18. Blush

For light and airy elegance, blush curtains are perfect for white walls. The pale pinkish-beige is soft, subtle, and feminine. Blush makes a romantic vibe in bedrooms and living spaces. Try sheer blush to filter the sun gently. Silky blush blackouts create a dreamy bedroom effect.

19. Mustard Yellow

Boost a white room’s visual warmth with cheerful mustard curtains. The tangy hue brings out a lively, modern ambiance. Mustard works well in contemporary kitchens, offices, and kids’ rooms. Use mustard yellow blackouts or sheer mustard curtains.

20. Sage Green


Earthy sage green nicely complements the white walls. The refreshing green with gray undertones is relaxing and zen. Use sheer sage curtains in living rooms, dining rooms, and offices. It creates a spa-like bedroom feel. Sage green is lively without being too bold.

Final Words

These are the best curtain colors for white walls. Think about the mood and lighting when picking colors for white walls. Softer, lighter hues illuminate naturally bright rooms. Bold, saturated colors make dramatic statements in darker spaces. Metallic sheens like gold add glam and reflection. Classic white on white is eternally fresh and clean. With many shade options, you can find the perfect color combo.

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