How to Hang Outdoor Sheer Curtains

how to hang outdoor sheer curtains


Outdoor curtains are one of the best ways to give your balcony or porch an aesthetic look. Outdoor sheer curtains add privacy to your outdoor space and protect and protect from insects and mosquitos. This outdoor accessory enhances your property value if installed correctly.

Outdoor curtains should be UV absorbents and temperature regulators. They should also possess a waterproof nature for wet and rainy seasons. Because improper installation can disturb the whole look of your space, save money on them. Go with some reasonable prices for sheer curtains in Dubai. You can hang your outdoor sheer curtains with or without curtain rods.

Supplies You Need to Hang Your Outdoor Curtains

How to Hang Outdoor Sheer CurtainsYou will need the following supplies to hang sheer curtains in your outdoor space;

  • Bolt Snaps and nuts
  • Drill Machine and Screwdriver
  • Lighter and Scissors
  • Nylon Rope and Ladder
  • Measuring Tape and Pencil
  • Hand Saw or Pipe Cutter
  • Sheer Curtains and Rods
  • Ceiling Track and Wrench

Easy Steps to Hang Outdoor Sheer Curtains

Following are the steps that will help you in the perfect hanging of your outdoor sheer curtains without any flaws or imperfections with a curtain road

Measure Your Space and Curtains

  • First, determine your space’s length and width by measuring Tape. Determine how wide and tall your space or structure is.
  • To ensure your curtains seem full when closed, round the measurements twice the width of the space. Then, measure the length of your curtains.
  • Add two or three extra inches in the curtain’s length and width different from the space measurements. Mark a spot with a pencil on each measurement.

Mark the Bracket Positions

Measure and mark the areas where you want the brackets to go and the distance between the rod brackets. Use a level to ensure the perfect alignment of brackets. You can mount the bracket structure outside or inside. The outside mount of the bracket provides a more neat view from the inside and adds a few inches of extra space to your outdoor texture.

You can use a stud finder for the perfect amount of your rod brackets. If you find the stud where you made the marking, drill straight into the wall. If you cannot find the stud, use a plaster harbor drill directly into it, ensuring it is attached perfectly to the wall.

Drill Rod Brackets

  • Ensure you have left sufficient space between your curtain rod and your structure. Because if the rod is too tight, it will prevent or restrict the curtain movement.
  • Place a level on the rod and ensure it is straight and lined up. Fix the bracket by drilling into the top screw using a cordless drill.
  • Tighten and fix the bracket in place with the bottom screw. Attach the stretcher using a screwdriver after the brackets are in.

Cut Your Rods To The Perfect Size

  • By considering length, cut the rod of your hanging that will perfectly fit your space. If you miss it too small, it will not work in the space, or an extra large rod gives an anonymous look to your outdoor space.
  • You can cut them using hand saws or pipe cutters. It is better to mark the spots before cutting for perfect and flawless rod cutting.

Attach the Curtain Rings and Caps

How to Hang Outdoor Sheer CurtainsYou can add curtains, rings, or hooks that will match your outdoor space with variable materials like steel, aluminum, or plastic. Different styles of curtain pins give an adorable look to the exterior of your space.

After adding the desired hooks or pins to the rod, secure your rod ends with the end caps on rods that protect your walls from the scratches and damages of sharp cutting rods and prevent your curtains from sliding off the rod. You can also use different styles of caps, like floral or transparent, that best match your whole decorum.

Hang Your Sheer Curtains

After hanging up the rod, fix your selected sheer curtains with the curtain rings and pins. You can also three your curtains through your curtain rods and spread them evenly along the length of the rod.


From the above discussion, you can hang your sheer curtains in your outdoor space of office homes or commercial areas with or without specific rods. You need to be careful while hanging the linen curtains by ensuring you have all the required tools and equipment to follow all the steps for flawless. By following all the above-discussed steps, you can hang your outdoor shower curtains without any time-consuming hassle and any professional help.

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