Girls Bedroom Curtains – Ideas & Tips

Girls Bedroom Curtains I Ideas & Tips

Decorating a little girl’s bedroom can be lots of fun. The right curtains can help set the tone and theme for the whole room. Curtains can make a bedroom feel soft, cozy, and feminine or add a pop of color and whimsy.

When choosing curtains for a girl’s bedroom, you’ll want to consider your daughter’s age and interests. Consult with her to select fabrics and patterns she is drawn to. Also, factor in how much natural light the room receives to select appropriate curtain weights and levels of light blocking. Read on for tips on choosing stylish and functional girls bedroom curtains along with some age-specific bedroom curtain ideas.

Considerations for Choosing Girl’s Bedroom Curtains

Girls Bedroom Curtains I Ideas & Tips

Here are some key tips when selecting curtains for your daughter’s bedroom:


Cotton, linen, and cotton/linen or poly blends tend to work best for durability and easy care. Make sure to choose lightweight fabrics if the windows receive a lot of direct sunlight. For blackout curtains, brushed polyester fibers or poly/cotton blends are a good choice.

Privacy level

Girls Bedroom Curtains I Ideas & Tips

Consider your daughter’s need for privacy based on the location of her room and windows. Blackout liner curtains that completely block outside light and visibility can be used in combination with decorative top curtains.

Window measurements

Carefully measure each window width to determine the number of curtain panels needed. Standard curtain panel widths range from 40-50″. Measure the length needed from the rod’s height to the floor.


Stick with simple brushed nickel or white curtain rods and rings in petite sizes proportionate to the window and room scale. Drawbacks with clips or grommeted top construction can deteriorate fabrics over time.

Curtain style

For a girl’s bedroom, a relaxed flowing tab top or rod pocket curtain panels tend to look best. Pencil pleat tops also have a very feminine look.

Girls Bedroom Curtain Ideas for Different Age Groups

Here are some girl’s bedroom curtain ideas tailored to specific age groups.

Baby Girl Curtains

Girls Bedroom Curtains I Ideas & Tips

For baby girl nurseries, sweet and simple curtains work best. Pastel pinks, ivory, and aqua are classic color choices paired with whimsical floral prints or gingham checks. Nature themes like birds, butterflies, or woodland creatures with squirrels and faux trees translate well.

Consider lined blackout curtains to darken the room for daytime naps. Opt for cotton, cotton blends, or microfiber polyester for durability and easy washing. Tiered rod pocket top curtains impart softness without overwhelming the smaller-scale room.

Toddler Girl Curtains (Ages 1-3)

Girls Bedroom Curtains I Ideas & Tips

Polka dots, rainbows, unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and smiling owls are toddler-friendly patterns. These bright colors and fun prints make me happy. To make sure they last through a lot of use, look for fabrics that are made to be kid-tough or stain-resistant.

Curtains made of cotton cloth will last through the wear and tear that comes with being this age. When you have a novelty theme, choose one main print instead of many designs that can take over the room. Tie-tops and scalloped edges give them a sweet country look.

Big Girl Curtains (Ages 4-8)

Girls Bedroom Curtains I Ideas & Tips

This age range invites opportunities for girls to express expanding interests so include

her in choosing bed curtains. Some key themes that appeal include:

  • Princess castles and palaces with crown and jewel tones
  • Ballerinas and dancing characters adorned with floating sheer curtains featuring organza overlay panels.
  • Mermaids and other fantasy aquatic characters
  • Unicorns, rainbows, and stars
  • Sassy diva looks with animal prints, sparkle accents, and neon brights
  • Sleepover-themed bed curtains with airy canopy drapes and matching window panels

Pay attention to details like embellished curtain tie-backs, textured fabrics including velvets or faux fur, and metallic trims for extra glam factor.

Tween Girl Curtains (Ages 9-12)

Girls Bedroom Curtains I Ideas & Tips

The tween years see girls gravitating towards more grown-up and sophisticated styles as favorit

es evolve from little girl themes into aspirations about the future. Window treatment ideas may reflect:

  • Travel destinations – Think Eiffel Tower, Parisian silhouettes, or dreamy ocean palm prints
  • Flowers and nature prints ranging from delicate floral vines to bold oversized blooms
  • Abstract geometric prints and optically compelling patterns
  • Boho Chic looks with offbeat patterns and fiery orange and pink color combos
  • Preppy nautical stripe prints combined with solid color blocking

Teen Girl Curtains (Ages 13 and beyond…)

Girls Bedroom Curtains I Ideas & Tips

In the teen years, self-expression peaks and curtains can become a hallmark of a girl’s unique personality and emerging womanhood. Bold color choices, interesting textures, and patterns rule over youthful ruffles or frills. Some teen girl window treatment ideas include:

  • Rich-colored velvet curtains with decorative trim accents
  • Modern graphic black and white prints
  • Retro 70’s inspired floral prints in psychedelic bright colors
  • Bohemian tapestry or Ikat pattern prints
  • Custom curtains and custom rods for a designer look

Depending on the teen’s maturity level, simpler curtain options such as textured linen curtains or patterned blackout curtains also work nicely. Consult them on preferences for light-blocking levels and privacy needs as well.

Finish the Look

Some final tips for completing girls’ bedroom curtains look, layer hanging sheer, lace, or window scarves over base curtains for a soft double-layer look. Incorporate decorative tie-backs and coordinated accent pillows on beds or chairs. For smaller windows, café style curtains hung from decorative rods impart charm. Follow safe use guidelines and warnings for pull cords, chains, and wands. Finally, launder new curtains before hanging them to minimize shrinking.

With some thoughtful planning tailored to your daughter’s age and style preferences, you can pick bedroom curtains sure to please any girl. Window treatments truly help form the backdrop for childhood dreams and lifelong memories.


A girl’s bedroom theme can come to life with the right curtains. As people’s privacy needs change, they also play important practical roles by controlling light, keeping drafts out, and communicating those needs. When choosing fabrics, patterns, and styles for your girl bedroom curtains, you should carefully think about her age, hobbies, and the overall look of the room. This way, you can create a space that fits her personality. Window Curtains Dubai for a little girl’s room come in a huge range of styles, from fun prints for toddlers to classy looks for teens.

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