Curtain Ideas for 3 Windows Side by Side

Looking for pretty and useful curtain ideas to make your windows look nice? You’re in the right place! Before discussing curtain ideas for 3 windows side by side, consider a few things, like how much light you want, how much privacy you need, and what looks nice. In this blog post by Window Curtains Dubai, we will discuss different curtains that are good for side by side windows. We will also suggest styles that go well with this layout. In addition, we will also give you some trendy and special ideas for people who want to make their window decorations unique.

Best Kinds of Curtains and Styles for 3 Windows Side by Side

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Consider these factors while choosing drapes for three windows close to each other. These include window size and location, room look, and your preferences. Here are some curtains that work well for this setup:

Long Panels

Long panels can be a great choice for a fancy and stylish look. Put them on a curtain rod that goes across all three windows. This way, they will hang smoothly and cover all the windows.

Light and Airy Curtain

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If you like a breezy and open atmosphere in your room, sheer curtains are a great choice. They give privacy but still let light come in.

Roman Shades

If you want your windows to look more neat and organized, Roman shades can make them look fancy. Pick strong fabrics in colors or patterns that match your room’s style.

Creative and Unique Curtain Ideas for 3 Windows Side-by-Side

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Installing curtains of different lengths and textures on each window will give the room a fancy and stylish look. Choose a see-through curtain on the inside to let sunlight in, and use a thicker curtain on the outside for more privacy.

Bold Prints

Choose curtains with eye-catching patterns to give your space a lively and unique touch. Think about using floral, geometric, or abstract patterns that complement your overall decor style. Make sure you follow expert tips to buy curtains that you will love for many years.

Mix and Match on Each Window

Different curtain styles on each window create a unique and diverse appearance. To make things interesting, you can combine solid-colored panels with patterned ones. Another option is to mix different fabrics, such as velvet and linen curtains.

Color Blocking

Use curtains in different colors to divide each window into sections. This method makes the windows look deeper and more interesting and creates a special centerpiece in your room.

DIY Options for Personalized Window Treatments

Have Fun With Fabric

Use unique fabrics like lace, burlap, or old sheets instead of normal curtains. You can easily find these things online or at thrift stores.

Want to try tie-dye? Make your windows colorful and unique by trying out tie-dye techniques. Pick colors that go well with your room’s decoration and make patterns that show your style.

Use Stencils

If you like art, get some stencils and fabric paint to make your designs on plain curtains. Stenciling is a simple way to add your personal touch to things. You can use floral patterns, shapes, or even words to make it unique.

Use Nature in Your Home

Add small branches, leaves, or flowers to the top of your curtains. This easy do-it-yourself idea makes any space feel more textured and charmingly rustic.

Reuse Old Things

Don’t remove those old sweaters or scarves! Separate the cloth into long strips. Then, put the strips together to make a stylish and nice window decoration. This option is good for the environment and a fantastic way to show off your creativity.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Curtain Ideas

If you have three windows next to each other in your living room, bedroom, or any other place, choosing the best curtain fabrics and styles can greatly improve your room’s appearance. A good choice can help you to consider many variables while picking curtain ideas. Consider these variables to determine the greatest choice for your requirements and interests.


Consider the room’s theme as a whole. Do you like a classic, trendy, or unique style? Overall, It’s your choice to choose the curtain type accordingly from these curtain ideas for 3 windows side by side.


Think about how much sunlight enters the room through the windows. If you want to make your room brighter, choose curtains that are sheer or made of lightweight fabrics. These types of curtains let sunlight come in. Choosing heavier materials like blackout curtains is a good idea if you want more privacy or control over the amount of light in your space.


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Figure out how much privacy you want in the room. If your windows look out onto a street with many cars or your neighbor’s house, think about using thicker curtains that are harder to see. You can use sheer curtains and blinds or shades together to change how much privacy you have during the day easily.


When picking curtain ideas for 3 windows side by side, consider your space’s overall style and theme. Do you want your appearance to be modern and simple? In that case, plain-colored curtains that are smooth and fit well might be perfect. Fancy patterns and textured fabrics might be the best curtain color for white walls if you want a romantic or traditional feel.


Take some time to think about how much work and time you’re ready to put into keeping your curtains clean. Some fabrics need more care than others, so pick fabrics that fit the way you live and how you like to clean.

In the End

Many different types of curtains can make your windows look beautiful. You can choose from classic drapes, modern blinds, or even a combination of both. There are curtains for everyone, whether you like bold patterns, sheer fabrics, or elegant neutral tones. There are lots of choices available now. Use your imagination to make a beautiful centerpiece in any room!

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