Why Pick Curtains For Bi-Fold Doors?

Why Pick Curtains For Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors, also known as accordion or folding doors, are a great way to open up a room and utilize space. When open, they provide an airy, connected feel between rooms. When closed, they allow you to separate areas neatly. Adding curtains to bi-fold doors gives you the flexibility to control light, noise, and privacy with soft furnishings rather than moving partitions back and forth. There are several good reasons to know why pick curtains for bi-fold doors.

Reasons to Pick Curtains For Bi-Fold Doors

Why Pick Curtains For Bi-Fold Doors?

Noise Reduction

Shutting bi-fold doors can help block noises from adjoining rooms. Adding thick, insulating curtains over the doors enhances this sound barrier effect. The more layers and fullness in your bi-fold door curtains, the more muffled the noises passing through will become. This is hugely beneficial if you want to isolate distracting sounds from another part of your home.

It allows you to create quiet spaces for work or relaxation when needed despite having an open floor plan. Linen curtains also help dampen echoes and ambient noises within the room itself, providing improved comfort.

Light Control

Bi-fold doors usher in lots of daylight when open which is usually desirable. However, there will be times when all that brightness shining through becomes problematic. Curtains allow you to filter the intense glare. You can diffuse harsh midday sun streaming into a room and reduce eyestrain with a lightly lined curtain fabric.

Or block out the light entirely for sleeping in or watching television during the day. Curtains make it easy to moderate the amount of light coming through the bi-fold doors for greater comfort in the space.


An obvious advantage bi-fold doors have over walls is their adjustability. You can open them right up to connect adjoining rooms or close them for separation while still allowing some airflow and light through. But even when shut, some bi-fold door materials like glass don’t provide total privacy. Adding curtains remedies this issue.

You can draw them across the doors when you want to obscure views into the room. Curtains give you that visual barrier necessary for private activities without losing the option to fold the doors open again later.


Bi-fold doors are often less energy efficient than walls because air leaks through the folds and glass panes. Heat escapes in winter. Cold seeps in during summer. Curtains create an extra insulated buffer zone that reduces these conductive heat transfers. Much like shutting an additional door, lined curtains help keep temperatures stable inside the room. Your heating or cooling doesn’t have to work as hard fighting external weather conditions.


Curtains simply look nice dressing up bi-fold doors. They lend a softness to the expansive hard surface. You can match the curtain style to your decor scheme for a pulled-together look. Curtains made from lush fabrics complement the architecture of bi-fold doors rather than competing with them visually. And when you want to show off the beautiful doors themselves, just sweep the curtains out of view. The versatility of being able to conceal or reveal the bi-fold doors with curtains is fantastic.

Tips For Picking Curtains For Your Bi-Fold Doors

Why Pick Curtains For Bi-Fold Doors?

When selecting curtains to outfit your bi-fold doors, keep these key tips in mind:

Measure Carefully

Bi-fold doors come in many widths and heights depending on the design. Carefully measure your actual door dimensions before purchasing curtains. Standard sizes likely won’t fit properly. Custom curtains made precisely for your bi-fold door area will look best. Consider width, height, and depth measurements. Account for hardware and overlaps for the most accurate sizing.

Mind The Weight

Heavy, dense fabrics look gorgeous in curtains but aren’t well suited for bi-fold doors. The folds and tracks aren’t made to support a lot of weight pulling down over time. This can damage their functionality. Opt for lighter sheer, linen, or polyester curtains rather than thick velvet or layered drapes. Go for airflow and billow overweight and opulence with bi-fold door curtains.

Match Color Scheme

Your curtain fabric and pattern should coordinate with the existing paint, furnishings, and flooring in the room. However, they don’t need to completely match. Use sheer curtains to introduce secondary or accent colors that complement the main motifs. For example, pale blue walls could pair nicely with patterned white and navy print curtains. Just ensure nothing clashes.

Consider Lining

Lined curtains offer more insulation, light filtering, and sound muffling compared to unlined versions. But lining does make curtains heavier so balance aesthetic wants with practical needs. You can always add removable liner panels later rather than built-in linings if unsure. Go for lighter-lined shades over room-darkening thermal fabrics.

Mind The Pleats

Pleated curtains gather nicely onto tracks and rods. But with bi-fold doors, the fabric can get tangled in the door folds as they open and close. Go for tab-top curtains gathered onto rings, grommet tops, or rod pocket curtain headers rather than pleated styles. These keep the fabric taught and stationery for smooth bi-fold door operation.

Following these tips when selecting the perfect blackout curtains for your bi-fold doors will help ensure they both function properly and look fabulous. Take precise measurements, opt for lighter-weight fabrics, coordinate with your existing decor, consider removable linings, and skip pleated headings. With the right curtains, your bi-fold doors can contribute greatly to the comfort and style of your interiors.


Now you know why pick curtains for bi-fold doors. As bi-fold doors are versatile fixtures that lend an airy, modern feel to a space when open. Closing bi-fold doors lets you neatly cordon off areas while retaining some continuity. Adding soft curtains takes this flexibility even further. Curtains over bi-fold doors improve noise control, light regulation, privacy, insulation, and aesthetics.

With the ability to layer or retract curtain coverings at will, you get the best of both worlds improving the comfort and functionality of rooms with bi-fold doors. Evaluate your own needs and priorities to determine whether choosing window curtains in Dubai is the right option for your bi-fold doors.

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